PredictoReports.com is one of India’s leading Market Research and Statistical Reports Center which operates under Predicto Research Consultants. We offer global Premium services in Market Research, Survey, Forecast and Statistical Data Analysis for businesses and Governments. As such, we entertain no less than absolute perfection in our work.

We value the need for research and analysis and provide absolute, reliable and actionable data through research, survey and raw data analysis. Our experts provide top-notch, off-the-shelf summaries to help you and your team make the best possible use of time for maximum growth.


Market Research

We gather the latest reports from the market research databases throughout the world. By inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modeling this data, we provide you insightful reports best optimized to help you design your business strategies most effectively. The people at Predicto take pride in the fact that your growth is guaranteed with our unique business intelligence reports.

Consulting Services

We offer premium quality consulting services for all organizations and businesses – large and small. Our team comprises of experts from all aspects of data analysis and research who offer smart, actionable advice that you can use to shape your business today. By identifying potential loopholes and threats in your business strategies, our experts ensure that your growth margins stay intact.


We here at Predicto are family of some of the best minds in our fields working hand-in-hand to provide quality support and services. Although we are fairly certain that using our lucid mode of communication, you have a rare chance of running into any trouble, we left no stone unturned in ensuring total comfort for your team in handling business.

Through our responsive 24×7 online help and support, you can get around any issues that you might face. We strive to keep providing you with the best services but our satisfaction is in your success and so, your input is valuable to us. Please share your feedback and suggestions through our Contact Page and help us keep at par with your expectations.

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