What is PredictoReports.com?

PredictoReports.com is one of the best portals providing quality reports and market information on demand for those wanting to strengthen the foundations of their business strategy. Here at Predicto we carefully curate a plethora of information sources including published information about globally reputed businesses, market sector reports, articles and journals. We cater to your needs by compiling all the relevant information from varying sources in a beautiful, intuitive and informative report specifically tailored to the needs of your business.

How do I use predictoreports.com?

We provide full-featured, robust keyword search which you can use directly from our Search field. Whenever you come across a report of your interest, you can simply click on the title to view detailed information about the product, including a list of contents and a short summary.

You can contact us for more details about Plans and Pricing by using any one of our helplines-

You can email at info@predictoreports.com stating your problems and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call us at +91-8291519159 for a direct live chat with our top research specialists to assist you and ensure that you get whatever you need done in due time.

I need to contact Customer Service. Where do I start?

If you have any queries, we are just a phone call away at +91-8291519159. Alternatively, you can email at info@predictoreports.com for a one-to-one correspondence with a team of our top research specialists to assist you and ensure that you get whatever you need done in due time.

We use a Customer Relationship Management system, which allows lucid communication between the customer and research specialist . When you post an order or query, a sales executive is be assigned to see to your requirements.

Our CRM System is web-based, so all messages sent and received are in real time and encrypted. Before starting an order, we require you to clarify all your requirements to be sure we are on the same page.

We will inform you of developments in your requests and whenever we require an action on your behalf. Our CRM System helps you keep track of your orders and requests without any hassle.

Our Site

What can I do with PredictoReport.com Search?

The Search feature allows you to find reports containing specific keywords appearing in the title, abstract, table of contents or publisher name as per your search requirements. It also features Advanced Search capabilities and geographic search options.

What is Search this List?

Search this List is a tool that lets you refine your search results quickly and easily find research relevant to your business needs. To utilize this feature, tap on Search this List and filter your result reports by keyword, date, value, publisher, district, region, country or category.

Our Reports

Who produces the reports?

The reports are procured on your demand from all leading global publishers and research firms. View our publishers.

What type of research and reports can I expect from Predicto Reports?

We love what we do and are committed to providing you with only the most comprehensive and actionable market research reports with unmatched quantitative and qualitative information based on the most recent market trends collected from several leading industries and companies. We provide these reports based on the market research from over many companies and compiled by all leading global publishers. Our research specialists then provide summaries on these reports so that you can always just save your time and gather the key points that you require to act on.

How are reports priced?

Report prices are according the respective publisher. We offer special promotions through various publishers which is best in the industry. Get in touch to a research specialist to find the report which will best meet your needs and budget.

costs are concurring the particular distributor. We offer extraordinary advancements through different distributors which are best in the industry. Contact live with a research specialist to discover the report which will best address your issues and spending plan.

Registration and Accounts

Why do I need to register?

Registration gives you access to report descriptions, tables of contents, and the Search Insights as indicated by your requirements.

How can I recover my account in case I forget my password ?

If you forget your password, you will need to reset your password. A confirmatory mail will be dispatched to the registered email address used as your username. You can also contact customer service at+91-8291519159 for further assistance with any trouble with setting up or using your account.

Ordering and Delivery

What types of payment can be accepted?

  • Payment by credit card. (preferred)
  • Our website is SSL secured but if you prefer to handle credit card details over the phone you can select ‘payment by credit card by Phone/Fax’
  • Payment by check.
  • The report(s) will be delivered after receipt and collection of your check.
  • Payment by PayPal.

Custom arrangements for payment by check, wire transfer or invoice can be made by contacting customer service either through phone +91-8291519159 or by emailing us at info@predictoreports.com

How do I place an order?

First pick an order from choice for your preferred report. After that pick out the option for fee payment and choose your payment option which can be via credit card, purchase order or bank transfer. You could also directly order from ‘Purchase Now’ option by choosing payment technique as (either)-

1.VISA / Master Card

2. CC Avenue (VISA, master card, Amex)

And for detailed information please go through our order procedure page.

What is the estimated time of delivery?

Purchases obtained through online conveyance are usually delivered within 4-5 business days. However, purchases that are corresponded to you by the distributer or acquired for ground delivery may require some time as per the geographic location of delivery address.